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2021-04-08 Meeting Change
Please remove “12/24/20 Marathon Mtg 9pm-Midnight” for Thursday 8 p.m. and remove speaker from format. It is an open discussion. Thx
edits made, Eric R
2021-04-06 Document Upload
March 2021 ASC Minutes
uploaded ASC march minutes to documents page Eric R
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2021-03-16 Website Request
Re: Birthday\\'s. Deceased members. I believe this is the gentleman who passed in Sept. 2020 in a car accident.
edited as requested
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2021-03-14 Meeting Change
Please remove our Friday 6PM weekly meeting
Unpublished SWOI Friday 6:00 pm
2021-03-10 Meeting Change
Please change the room location of the meeting from the Admin Building to the 2nd floor of the Fellowship Hall building corner room. Thank you!
edited location Eric
2021-03-08 Flyer Upload
Flyer for a new meeting. Celebration of Recovery.
posted flyer approved
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2021-03-07 Document Upload
February 2021 ASC Minutes
posted asc feb minutes Eric
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2021-02-28 Website Request
Please correct \\"Helpline\\" to \\"Phoneline\\". (attached file)
edited / corrected helpline name to say phoneline Done by Eric
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2021-02-26 Meeting Change
On webpage reads: Public Relations Helpline Subcommittee - January 1rst Meeting ID: 273 387 3155 Passcode: 389972 Should read: Public Relations Phoneline Subcommittee - last Friday of Month. Can this be removed from the meeting list area and added to the Calendar every month? It\\'s hard to find in the meeting list area
event added to calendar, question answered via direct email response to maker
2021-02-23 Meeting Change
New meeting in Celebration Florida. Would like to be added to the list so people can find the meeting. We meet on Tuesday, at 8p. Celebration of Recovery Tuesday, 8pm 215A Celebration Blvd, Celebration, FL 34747 Format: AB, BEG, CW, WC, D, TOP, VAR O Mask Recommended
message sent to get approval from asc for new meeting