Greater Orlando Area Service Committee
Group Report
ASC Date: 2021-01-10
Meeting Date: 2021-01-01

Members Present: 14

Location:  Zoom

Opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer. The 12 Traditions. 12 Concepts and Public Relations/Phoneline Purpose were read.

General Report

Phone line

Volunteers Reports: Multiple volunteers reported they spoke with the same woman on several occasions that were currently in treatment in Seminole County, her requests were for things outside of our phone line assistance (halfway houses, counseling, etc.)

Open Floor: Mark briefly discussed an App the SEZF is looking at for Phone line called YAP indicating briefly how it works, has a potential for cost savings versus One box. Liz adds more information can be found from the Regional Web Coordinator’s.  Mary Ann discussed her experience calling an area that uses the platform as a pleasant one, and Cindy reminds us that to consider this would need our Webpage Subcommittee involvement as this platform ties into the BMLT; suggest we mention at Area floor. 

Coordinator Report: Nov calls (85) = 84 English 1 Spanish; Dec calls (101) = 96 English 5 Spanish, States the volunteer list is looking good right now.  Emphasizes the need for the Coordinator 2 position being filled, appreciative of the assistance Greg has been offering.  One Box increase of under $7 looks to be administrative fees.  Reminds Volunteers that when receiving calls regarding outside referrals that their orientation states they can refer to “211” for assistance in Orange County.

Subcommittee Liaisons Reports:

1) Webpage:   reported broken links on site, mainly the Treasure Coast area link directed us to a gambling webpage.  Gave a brief synopsis of what the liaison position for webpage entails.

2)  Activities:  Virtual Area Celebration is Feb. 13, 202, looking for speakers.  Liz volunteers to take over the liaison position for activities.

3.) H & I: Matt C. joined us from H & I.  Discussion regarding the Subcommittees not being listed on the calendar and the difficulty finding subcommittee meeting information for tonight, he found it under ASC meetings tab.  Reported that H & I is now in 5-6 contact facilities, Mary Ann inquired on the contact list of facilities that were waiting for presentations and that this could be an opportunity for H & I.  Mark asked for an updated H & I contact list.  Jenny is concerned about having too many presentations in one facility and how that may affect the relationship as other facilities open up.  Millie attended an H&I event and stated that some facilities in that area were utilizing DVDs.  (Thank you for attending)

Old Business-

Join Zoom Meeting:  Jan 19, 2021; Feb 16, 2021, Mar 16, 2021

Nominations and Elections

- Phone Line Coordinator II – open.   Tommi expressed interest in position, Jessica to review the duties, responsibilities and requirements.

New Business –


New Project Ideas –



Concerns or Needs


Upcoming Events


In Loving Service,

Mark B and Kate C