Greater Orlando Area Service Committee
Group Report
ASC Date: 2020-12-13
Meeting Date: 2020-12-13


Opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer. The 12 Tradi

The Greater Orlando Area


Parliamentarian II

ASC report


Hi members of ASC all is well Im sadden by the lost of a member whom travel down the service corridor with me and other members Mr. Danny R. I send prayers to family and friends.


My report is very short most of what was done was a line of communication was entertained with the Vice Chair or Alt Chair and that was manifested we talked about the format for the procedure going over presentation and ledger.

This would conclude my report any questions please contact Parliamentarian II on web site or google group in the name of service peace and love Demetrius G



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In Loving Service,

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