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24 HOUR PHONELINE 407-425-5157 or 866-579-8333


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NA World Services Electronic Publications:

The e-versions of the Sixth Edition Basic Text, It Works: How and Why, and Sponsorship are available for sale! The eBooks are priced at least 20% less than the paper versions, and they are available from Amazon for Kindle,, and iBooks,, on the Apple iOS platform through the iTunes store.

This does not constitute an endorsement of or affiliation with Amazon or iBooks.

Message from NA World Services

We have decided to remove the .pdf files of our books that were posted online here. The online texts were always intended to be for personal use, but some people began distributing the texts through mass emails and others even offered them for sale online through public commercial sites. In the face of the mass distributions and sales, we believe the responsible course of action is to remove the booklength .pdfs from our site and instead we plan to offer excerpts online, not the full text. These excerpts will be posted soon. We continue to give away or subsidize more than a half million dollars’ worth of printed literature every year. In addition, we also plan to leave all IPs and booklets on line in 42 languages in order to serve our members and potential members.

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Who Is an Addict?

What Is the NA Program?

Why Are We Here?

How It Works

The Twelve Traditions of NA

Just for Today

We Do Recover

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#1    Who, What, How, and Why

#2    The Group

#5    Another Look

#6    Recovery and Relapse

#7    Am I an Addict?

#8    Just for Today

#9    Living the Program

#10   Working Step Four in NA

#11   Sponsorship, Revised

#12   The Triangle of Self-Obsession

#13   Youth and Recovery

#14   One Addict’s Experience

#15   PI and the NA Member

#16   For the Newcomer

#17   For Those in Treatment

#19   Self-Acceptance

#20   H&I Service & the NA Member

#21   The Loner – Staying Clean in Isolation

#22   Welcome to NA

#23   Staying Clean on the Outside

#24   Hey! What’s the Basket For?

#25   Self-Support: Principle & Practice

#26   Accessibility For Those with Additional Needs

#27   For the Parents or Guardians Of Young People in NA

#28   Funding NA Services

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Narcotics Anonymous – Little White Booklet

The Group Booklet

Twelve Concepts for NA Service

Introductory Guide to NA, Revised

Behind the Walls

In Times of Illness

NA: A Resource in Your Community